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Transition Arrangements



Transition from nursery into our reception class, from class to class or moving into our main secondary school providers is carefully planned and co-ordinated.  This is especially true for our more vulnerable children such as those with a specific need because this change in their life has a potential to cause some degree of anxiety.

How we ensure a smooth transition for our children with SEND is essentially through effective communication and carefully planned transition meetings with the child as well as their parents /carers and all other agencies working with the specific child.

Examples of how we do this are as follows:

A child moving from Nursery into Reception Class

Prior to starting school in September, our EYFS Teachers and SENDCo will make contact with the nursery providers via a telephone call or visit to discuss individuals and their needs.  From that initial meeting if a child is identified as having a specific need and there are other agencies involved then the SENDCo and/or key reception staff will attend any relevant meetings prior to the child starting in September.  This is to ensure staff are fully informed of the child’s needs and their background as well as who is actively involved working with the child.  Parents/ Carers are then invited to an Induction Meeting in the Summer term in which they will meet their child’s class teacher as well as other key staff including the Executive Head Teacher, Head of School and SENDCo.  The child and parents /carers will then have a further opportunity to attend some sessions their new school.  Depending on the child’s needs we may also provide additional opportunities for them to visit the school. 

In September if a child’s needs are such that the standard transition school arrangements need to be amended then this is discussed with parents and outside agencies and modifications would be made. 

A child moving from class to class

The Class Teacher will hold a specific meeting with the child’s next year group teacher in order to share information and any relevant records.  The purpose of such a meeting is to share practice which works well for the child as well as discuss and identify steps to take to ensure a quick and effective transition in to the new year group. 

April to July:

Transition Assistants work with Year 6 in designated primary schools supporting and building relationships with pupils, primarily those that have been nominated by the Class Teachers / SENDCo as requiring enhanced transition.

During this time, they can also prepare a pen portrait for the pupils who will require an enhanced transition; as well as for all pupils collect information re siblings at the secondary school they will be moving to and also around friendship groups to inform tutor group arrangements etc.

June and July: Extra visits to the secondary schools arranged depending on the child’s needs as well as support Year 6 days in secondary schools