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Help your children learn their times table facts by playing Times Table Rockstars...who will be top of the leader board? 


Help your child learn their times tables by singing along with Percy Parker.


At Vane Road Primary School all children will gain experiences which will allow them to become fluent in the fundamental skills of Mathematics, reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry and solve problems by applying skills to a wide range of problems. Furthermore, they are encouraged to consolidate the skills they have learned by using them in our cross curricular lessons which link to our overarching topics.

We believe in the importance of securing mental maths skills so children are able to understand and apply these techniques when calculating more sophisticated mathematical problems. This allows children to use various strategies and use them in various situations.

All children are expected to know up to 12 x 12 at the end of Year 4 therefore, they are encouraged to practise their times tables at home. Within school, we support this through various activities within all year groups. Younger children enjoy singing along to Percy Parker and our older children prefer interactive games.

Children are taught written calculations for all four operations when they become secure with the relevant mental maths strategy. 

At Vane Road, we follow the key principles from White Rose Maths and teach the five big ideas. To see what you child is working on throughout the year please look at the progression documents and yearly overviews below. 

To check our calculation policy and mental maths policy, please click on the links.

Calculation Policy

Mental Maths Policy


Maths Yearly Overviews

Maths Progression Document .pdf .pdf
Reception LTP.pdf .pdf
Year 1 LTP.pdf .pdf
Year 2 LTP.pdf .pdf
Year 3 LTP.pdf .pdf
Year 4 MTP.pdf .pdf
Year 5 LTP.pdf .pdf
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