Vane Road Primary School

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The Archway Federation Governors

The New Governing Body was formed on 1st June 2023 on conversion to Academy status.


Name Elected by                                     Term of Office                  Register of Interest Relationship to staff
Kieran Pavey Executive Head Teacher   01/09/21 -    None
Rachel Wren Staff   01/09/21 - 31/08/25 Deputy Head at VR None
Cllr Eddy Adam Local Authority   01/09/21 - 08/09/25   Parent of TA at WB
Susan Allinson Co-opted   01/09/21 - 14/04/24 Teacher at WB  None
Fiona Anderson Co-opted   01/09/21 - 11/10/24 Deputy Head at WB None
Emily Preston Parent   23/05/22 - 22/05/26 Parent of Pupil at WB None
Sue Clements Co-opted   01/09/21 - 16/05/25 None None
Helen Collingwood Co-opted   01/09/21 - 08/02/22 Parent of VR pupil None
Susan Mills Co-opted   01/09/21 - 23/11/26 TA at WB None
Chris Hutchinson Co-opted   01/09/21 - 13/03/26   None
Melanie Stubbs Co-opted   01/09/21 - 14/10/26 Virtual Schools Head DCC None


How To Become A School Governor

If you require further information on the roles and responsibilities of School Governors or you are interested in becoming one, contact Lingfield Education Trust

Statutory Guidance for Governing Bodies

The Archway Federation adhere to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education. This means that governing bodies must have regard to it when carrying out duties relating to the constitution of governing bodies in maintained schools. 

Record of Governor’s Attendance

New Governance started June 2023 on Conversion to Academy




Kieran Pavey Attended              
Rachel Wren Attended              
Eddy Adam Attended              
Kevin Draisey Attended              
Susan Allinson Attended              
Fiona Anderson Attended              
Sue Clements Attended              
Helen Collingwood              Apologies              
Susan Mills Attended              
Tracey Roberts Attended              
Melanie Stubbs Apologies              
Chris Hutchinson Attended              
Emily Preston Attended              



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