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Our school has a wide variety of policies, aimed towards providing the best possible care for anyone who visits or attends our school. For your convenience, here is a selection of our school level policies, our Trust level policies and our trust financial information that might be of interest to you.

If you would like a paper copy (or any other format) of any of our documents on our website please speak to the school office, who will provide them to you free of charge. If you require further information please contact the school and we will do our best to help you.

If you are unable to find the policy you wish to view or you wish to to find out about a policy which is not included here, or on our Trust site - it can be obtained by contacting the head teacher via the school office.


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Please click here to view all Lingfield Education Trust's policies by which we work at Vane Road Primary. You can also access the documents here.



Whilst our complaints procedures are agreed at Trust level, and are consistent across all off our schools, the policy is rooted in school level contact and support at the earliest stages of a complaint or concern. The aim of this policy is to ensure that a concern or complaint by a parent/carer or member of the public is managed sympathetically, efficiently, at the appropriate level and resolved as soon as possible. Most concerns, where a parent/carer seeks intervention, reconsideration or some other action to be taken, can be resolved informally. As such, parents/carers should raise the concern initially with the Class Teacher, Head of School or Executive Headteacher in the first instance as a 'stage 1' complaint. Contact with the school should always be the first attempt at solving  any issue.

Should the complaint not be resolved, then the complaint progresses to 'stage 2', with greater involvement of the Trust. The full complaints policy and processes can be found on our Trust policy page or viewed by clicking here.

SEND Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Asthma_policy_2021.pdf .pdf
Charging_and_Remissions_Policy.pdf .pdf
Low_Level_Concerns.pdf .pdf
Accessibility_Plan.pdf .pdf
Privacy_Notice.pdf .pdf
Single_Equality_Plan2021_25.pdf .pdf
A Curriculum for ALL The Archway Federation.pdf .pdf
Mobile Device Policy 23.pdf .pdf
Supporting students with medical conditions policy Sept 2023.pdf .pdf
intimate-care-and-toileting-policy 2023.pdf .pdf
Anti Bullying Policy 2023.pdf .pdf
RSE Sept 2023.pdf .pdf
Health and Safety Policy Feb 2024.pdf .pdf
Behaviour and Discipline Policy 2024.pdf .pdf
Attendance Policy Feb 2024.pdf .pdf
Out of Hours Club Policy 2024.pdf .pdf
Child on Child Abuse Policy 2023-24 1.pdf .pdf
Child_Protection and Safeguarding Trust Policy May 24.pdf .pdf