"This is a happy school where pupils work hard and relish the breadth of opportunities provided for them." OFSTED 2017"Parents are thrilled to be part of a school community in which each child is made to feel valued and important‟ OFSTED 2017

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Mr Kieran Pavey, Executive Head teacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Acting Head of ICT

Mr Pavey has been Head teacher at Vane Road Primary School since September 2013 when he moved following 5 successful years as Head teacher at Deaf Hill Primary School, Trimdon Station.  He believes passionately that children are at the heart of a school and strives for excellence in all they do. Before entering headship he taught across all year groups in 4 different schools across the North East of England.


 Mrs G Sim, Head of School

 Mrs Sim has been teaching since 2004, previously in Hartlepool for 6 years where she was Head of Key Stage 1. She moved to Vane Road in September 2012 and was appointed Assistant Head Teacher in September 2018.  She loves working with children of all ages and has a strong passion for helping them achieve their full potential. 

 Miss R Wren, Head of Teaching & Learning & SENCO,Deputy Headteacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, DPO

Miss Wren has been Deputy Head teacher at Vane Road School since September 2014 when she moved from King Street Primary School following 9 years as Key Stage 1 Leader, Senco, NQT Mentor and a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Previously to this Miss Wren worked as a Year 2 Teacher at Cotherstone Primary.  Miss Wren has taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2 and spent 6 years in Year 2.  .


 Mrs A Poulter, Head of Mathematics, Reception Teacher

Mrs Poulter has been at Vane Road as a teacher since 2012 but previous to that she was one of our PGCE students. Mrs Poulter, is now teaching in Year 5 but has previously taught in Year 2 & 4. Before training to be a teacher Mrs Poulter worked as a Teaching Assistant at a primary school in Stockton. She is now Head of Maths!


 Mrs J Johnson, Head of English and Modern Foreign Languages, Year 6 Teacher

Originally Miss Bone, Mrs. Johnson  joined the school as a PGCE student and has been here ever since.  She has taught predominantly in KS2 in Y6 and Y3 and is currently Head of  English and Modern Foreign Languages. She is a dedicated member of the school and encourages children to aim high and achieve their potential. 


Mrs C Cant, Head of Curriculum, Head of Humanities, Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Cant has been at Vane Road since September 2013, previously she taught in Welwyn Garden City. Before this she was employed as a support worker and has worked with children in a range of settings, including teaching in Ghana. She believes in creating a calm, productive environment where children are encouraged to learn in a safe and enjoyable classroom.


Mrs R Emery, Head of Religious Education, Reception Teacher

Originally from Wales, Mrs Emery has worked at Vane Road since 2018. During her time here, she has taught in Year 3, and Reception where she currently teaches. She is passionate about teaching and believes in a calm and fun environment, where the children are so busy exploring their potential that they can’t help but learn. Her ‘school-babies’ are encouraged to strive for the sky in a positive and welcoming working environment where the magic word is ‘YET’.

 Mrs D Armstrong, Head of Science, Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Armstrong has worked at Vane Road since 2002 and has a long history with the school as she also attended as a pupil. She has worked mainly in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. Before this she worked in the East Riding of Yorkshire for twelve years at two different schools and was also an Early Years Mentor Teacher for the local authority. In her teaching she strives to enable each child to reach their full potential. Mrs Armstrong led the school two ‘Lumiere’ events at the school and being the Head of Science, she would love to inspire scientists of the future!

Mrs C McGargle, Head of Initial Teacher Training, Year 1 Teacher

Mrs. McGargle came to Vane Road in 1990 after teaching at schools in Leeds and Middlesbrough. She has taught mainly in Reception and KS1 with a brief spell in lower KS2. She is very passionate about Vane Road and is very proud to be a part of it, believing the friendly atmosphere to be a positive influence on the children who attend. Over the years she has played the piano and taught the recorder until an accident put a stop to this a few years ago.

Mrs L Beattie, Head of Restorative Approach and Rights Respecting School Leader, Year 2  Teacher

 Mrs Beattie has taught in Vane Road Primary since 2001.  During her time here, she has taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2.  She currently teaches in Year 2.  Being passionate about her role within school, she was also a staff member of the Governing Body for Vane Road  Primary for many years.  She is passionate about teaching and enjoys helping children achieve their full potential. 


Mrs N Smith, Head of Art and Mental Health, Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Smith has been working at Vane Road Primary school since September 2014 when she was employed to work in Year One. Before that she worked at King Street Primary School for seven years as the leader of Early Years. Her experiences in Early Years helped her develop a good knowledge of phonics and how to deliver a curriculum that is both cross curricular and fun. Mrs Smith loves all aspects of working with children and feels that providing a welcoming and positive learning environment where children can learn from their mistakes is key to developing happy, independent learners.  

Mr J Cant,  Head of Physical Education, Year 3 Teacher 

Mrs M Rome, Head of Mental Health and Rights Respecting School Leader, Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Rome joined us in September 2017.


Mr M Vasey, Year 4 Teacher

Mr Vasey joined Vane Road in 2018.

Miss M Atkinson, Head of Computing, Year 5 Teacher

Miss Atkinson joined Vane Road Primary School in January 2021 and is currently working in Year 5. She previously taught in a school in Stockton for 5 years. She has predominantly taught in KS1 and believes in creating a safe, calm classroom built on the foundations of mutual respect. Miss Atkinson is passionate about reading and bringing literature to life.

Mrs A Proctor, Head of Music, Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Proctor believes in calm and stimulating classroom environment that helps children learn more successfully.

In her spare time she loves gardening.

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Brennan,  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brennan is a huge fan of letting children's creative side run free. She can always find a bright side of any situation. She finds great joy in teaching children RE.


Mrs T Hardy, Head of Team Teach, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hardy likes to be involved in all the competitions and is known to bring Vane Road's teams to a very high level. Her coaching skills allow us to win many awards.

She believes that clear boundaries help with behaviour management, which is proven in all her lessons. 

Mrs M McGuire, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs McGuire came to Vane Road in 1993 after teaching in Salford and has always been proud to be part of such a friendly, welcoming school. She has taught mainly in Key Stage 1, through Years 1 and 2, with an initial spell in Foundation Stage. Mrs McGuire enjoys a creative approach to teaching and learning. 


Mrs D Cowey, Head of Community Links, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Cowey joined Vane Road Primary School in September 2005 having previously worked as a Teaching Assistant in Ox Close Primary, Spennymoor.  Since joining the school she has supported the children across the whole school and is currently a part of the Year 6 team.  In 2009, she became a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and in 2014 she successfully completed an Honour Degree in Education.

Mrs N Reid, Teaching Assistant

Miss S Patrick, Teaching Assistant

Mr C Watson, Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Jones, Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Cox, Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Bowker, Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Allanson, Teaching Assistant

Miss J Stephenson, PE Teaching Assistant

Mr K Coates, Teaching Assistant

Miss H Thompson, Teaching Assistant

 Miss S Glasper, Teaching Assistant

Ms K Eckert, Teaching Assistant, Esafety Support

Ms J Xian, Chinese Language Assistant


Admin and Support Staff

Miss L Tomkins, Head of Finance & Data, Office Manager

Miss Tomkins has been at Vane Road since March 2012.  Before that she worked in a Veterinary Surgery and another three schools.  Her early training was at the Northern Racing College at Doncaster where she learnt about working in racing stables.  After a change of direction she has done her NVQ in Business Administration, Certificate of School Business Management and would like to go on to do her Diploma.  

Mrs J Whalen, Head of Communication & School Trips, Secretary

Mrs Whalen started here at Vane Road in 2003 after working in private industry for 23 years as a PA to the Marketing Director and various other Managers, then moving to Darlington Memorial Hospital for 2 years.     


Miss Aimee Rowland, Administration Clerk


Mrs C Wilson, Care Assistant 



Mrs M Hymas

Mrs P Waistell

Mrs D Armstrong

Mrs D Ridley

Mrs M Matthews-Taylor

Mrs Mary Shellhorn

Mrs C Murray

Mrs J Seaman

Miss J Ellwood

Mr W Wilson, Head of Security & Health & Safety, Site Manager 


Miss J Pyle, Mrs  P Sutton,

 Miss R Mason