Vane Road Primary School

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The budget allocation is agreed between our school and the Local Authority at the beginning of each financial year. This is monitored each term by the Governing Body.

At Vane Road Primary School we receive a notional SEND budget.  This funding is used to support children and young people with SEND through delivering interventions and additional adult support to maximise opportunities for them to engage and overcome any barriers to their learning. This delegated funding is provided to ensure that schools can meet the needs of pupils with the most significant needs and will receive up to £6,000 of provision which may take the form of individual support, group work or specialist programmes/teaching/resources.

All children in school have access to support from their class teacher and where applicable their teaching assistant. Other members of staff are employed by the school to provide additional interventions to meet specific needs. High expectations for all pupils to make sustained progress is an identified school priority and as such is closely monitored by the Executive Head teacher, Head of School, SENDCo, Senior Leadership Team and governing body in a drive to raise standards and achievement across the whole school. Additional funding is prioritised for children with High Needs to access additional support over and above the support generally available to meet specific identified pupil needs. Pupils accessing this additional high level of support usually have an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) or receive Top Up funding  for their Support Plan.

At Vane Road Primary School, for those pupils with high needs, Costed Provision Maps are created with detailed evidence of supporting resources provided in school and where applicable in consultation with the parents / carers.  This provides evidence of the support and the progress each child makes and can lead to additional funding and financial support applications to the Local Authority to meet the agreed outcomes.  Requests for additional support would always be discussed with parents/carers and discussed at an Annual Review Meeting.

Parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability may meet with the SENDCo (Miss Rachel Wren) and/or the Head of School (Mrs Gemma Sim) and Executive Head teacher (Mr Kieran Pavey) to discuss any Costed Provision concerns they may have. Support Timetables are used to inform discussions.