Vane Road Primary School

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Sports Premium


Sports Premium 2023-24


How did the school identify groups/individuals to benefit from Sport Premium funded actions?


Children selected for the Change for Life Club were identified as children who did not take part in after school activities, or did not enjoy the traditional sports activities on offer. The children that attended clubs, such as cross country and sportshall athletics were invitation only children. During their PE lessons, children competed in intra sport competitions to determine who would make team. Those children that were selected were then invited to attend the after school clubs. From the after school clubs, they would then compete in the actual competition, with the school using Premium money to play for buses and some of the coaches that would work with them.


We have targeted a range of year groups to benefit from the Premium funded activities, ensuring that all children have access to a coach. Each child in the school will receive some sort of specialist coaching, paid for through the Premium money. For example, children have had access to coaches from Sedgefield Harriers Athletics Club, Athena Gymnastics Club, Durham Wildcats basketball team, Durham County Council, Destination Judo and Durham County Cricket Club. We believe that all children should have firsthand experience of working alongside a specialist coach.



Which classes/year groups has the Sport Premium been spent on and why?

All children have had the opportunity to experience a range of sports premium money funded activities. For example, as part of the School Sports Partnership we were able to have access to a judo coach, who worked with all of the pupils from the school.

All teaching staff have had access to CPD. CPD opportunities have come in the form of staff training courses, coaching support for lessons and lesson support from PE specialists. As a result, staff have developed greater confidence in teaching PE and this has had a positive impact on the children during lessons


Health Initiatives

Currently, the school has a Change 4 Life club to engage the least active and vulnerable pupils.

Children have an awareness of how to live a healthy lifestyle. They have a greater understanding of PE and sport and know that PE and sport does not have to be competitive. These children were all reluctant to participate in sport, because they did not enjoy the competitive aspect. The Change for Life club has focused on the non-competitive aspect of sport, which these children have enjoyed.