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If your child has been prescribed medicine from the doctor to be taken 4 times a day we can give this  in school.  If it is to be taken 3 times a day this should be given at home unless times are specified or your child is in KS1 and an early bedtime means that the medicine can't be evenly spaced out in the day.  In this case, please talk to Mrs Wilson when you bring the medicine in.

Please print and complete the 2 forms below and return them to Mrs Wilson, our Healthcare Assistant, with your medicine, which MUST be in its original box/bottle with the doctors/pharmacy label visible.  Thank you.

Please click the document below to get a link to our online Medical Form which can be submitted straight to school without printing off.

 Online Medical Form (preferred)

OR Please click to enlarge the documents below to allow you to print them off

         Parental Agreement          Permission for Medicine to be given