"This is a happy school where pupils work hard and relish the breadth of opportunities provided for them." OFSTED 2017"Parents are thrilled to be part of a school community in which each child is made to feel valued and important‟ OFSTED 2017

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We would like children to feel safe and happy in a respectful environment.  We welcome people of all religions and races and no matter what their differences, we treat them all the same.  We teach children about their rights and how to respect them.  Therefore we are continuing to use the Restorative Approach system within school.  Restorative Approach is an alternative way of thinking about addressing discipline and behavioural issues in schools and offers a consistent system of responding to these issues. We would like all children, parents, carers and people of the wider public to know what Restorative Approach is and how it works within our school  to help support your children and make Vane Road Primary a safe, happy and respectful environment to be in.


Welcome to the new term.   We continue to use Restorative Approach within school.  We have a new team of Peer Mediators.. The Role of the Peer Mediator is to support children at low level conflict to resolve issues and repair relationships.  These children have had extensive training with one of the Restorative Approach Team members and are now helping children at all break times.  They do not replace the role of a member of staff but they are they to support children.  Our Peer Mediators chose to become a member of the Restorative Approach Team and are excellent ambassadors for Vane Road Primary.  Meet our Peer Mediators!