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Welcome to our community page. We regularly update this space so keep looking to view the exciting things that we do to in our school and local community.

 Litter Picking - Tuesday 3rd July 2018

The children in the community group have noticed the litter lying around in their local community. To make their environment better they wanted to go out and pick up the rubbish. They were lucky enough to be joined by Steven Cooper, who works for the council. He supplied them with appropriate equipment. 


Healthy Snack Bars - Thursday 21st June 2018

The community group have decided to offer a new healthy snack bar in the KS2 healthy tuck shop. They will be selling these for 30p, every Friday morning break time. The children wanted to promote the new snack bars so decided to make a flyer to hand out to all the children in KS2.


Sewing Update - Wednesday 20th June 2018

Gloria has helped us again today with our sewing. We are nearly finished and ready to show the rest of KS2 our lovely sewing contribution for the longest stitch! The children are enjoying sewing and some children have had a go at home.




UNICEF Playground Challenge - Friday 15th June 2018

Thank you to all the children who wore a t shirt and donated to the UNICEF fund. The money will be used to make a positive difference to others. The Right's Respecting Team and some additional children, helped design, organise and run a football themed obstacle course. As you can see from the photographs, the children had lots of fun!


Recycling - Monday 11th June 2018

The community group feel very strongly about recycling and believe that this should be free to all schools. They decided to write a letter to Councillor Jim Atkinson to voice their opinion. On Monday 11th June, Councillor Jim Atkinson arrived at school and discussed what the children wanted and explained that he  would investigate this issue further and get back to the children. The children were impressed that he had made the effort to visit the school rather than just send a letter!


Healthy Fruit Tuck Shop - Monday 11th June 2018

The community group are now providing the children with a good selection of fruit. The  children are hoping to use any additional profit to buy an ice lolly or ice cream for everyone in Vane Road. 

Sewing has commenced! - Wednesday 6th June 2018

The children in Year 4, who are celebrating the Embroiders' Guild Centary by helping to create the World's Longest Embroidery, are now starting to sew. They are lucky to have the support from Gloria Brunning, a retired secondary school teacher, who is a member of the Embroiders' Guild. The children are enjoying the project and look forward to completing the finished article. 


International Family Day - Tuesday 22nd May 2018

To raise awareness of the importance of spending time as a family, the community group created a short checklist of activities to do with family members i.e. cooking together, playing a game together. Thank you for those children who took part. The children used some of the community fund to buy sweets for the children who participated in this activity.

British Tomato Week - Monday 21st May 2018

As this week is British tomato week, the healthy tuck shop will be selling British tomatoes.


Fair Trade Day - Friday 18th May 2018

To celebrate Fair Trade, the community group, Mrs Cowey and Miss Welsh made crispy cakes using fair trade chocolate. Thank you for your support we raised £22 for the community group fund. 


The World's Longest Embroidery - 17th May 2018

The Embroiders' Guild is an educational charity encouraging and promoting embroidery and textile art. To celebrate its Centenary, the Guild has launched the World's Longest Embroidery and some children from Vane Road are lucky enough to take part. Class 9 and Class 10 will be designing and embroidering a piece of material to represent our school. The children have started designing their embroidery on card with Gloria Brenning, a lady who works with the Embroiders' Guild.


Healthy Fruit Tuck Shop - May 2018

 The community group are now successfully running the healthy fruit tuck shop independently  alternate play times. They are delighted with the response and the children in KS2 seem to enjoy the fresh  fruit that has been sourced locally. The children involved in the community group are enjoying learning how to run a small business and can now complete a simple weekly profit and loss. As a group, they regularly discuss the supply and demand needed to keep the tuck shop running. Impressively, the children have noticed what fruits are selling and have seen a change in what the children want. As a group, they have made decisions on what fruit is needed for the following week. 


Healthy Fruit Tuck Shop - April 2018

The children from the community group have now successfully set up a healthy fruit tuck shop. The children will be selling fruit every morning break for 20p to the children in KS2.


Solan Connor Fawcett Charity Easter Competition - April 2018

To thank the children in Vane Road for their support, Mark Solan (founder of the Solan Connor Fawcett Charity) donated some Easter eggs and hats. The competition involved decorating bags to be given out in the charity shop. We were very impressed with the quality and effort that the children in Vane Road put in to decorating the bags.


Solan Connor Fawcett Charity Shop Visit - March 2018

To help the children gain an understanding of how charities operate, the children visited the Solan Connor Fawcett Charity shop in Spennymoor. Prior to the visit, year 4 children kindly donated some items to take to the charity shop. On arrival, Mark Solan (the founder of the charity) explained how his charity helps local people in the community who are facing cancer. The children were interested and asked lots of questions. The children were then given a tour of the shop and were impressed to discover it had a treatment, beauty area and wig room! In the shop, the children helped serve the customers and arranged the donated  items. The childrens' response to this visit was very positive and the children felt good that they had helped someone. After the visit, the children reported back to the rest of KS2 in an assembly, which they created their own power point and answered questions from the other KS2 children.

Chinese New Year - February 2018

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the community group children decorated biscuits with a fortune and sold them to the children in school.

 Community Group

We now have a community  group in school, a child from each KS2 class was elected by other class members. The children will be involved with helping in our school and local community. Watch this space for upcoming events.