"This is a happy school where pupils work hard and relish the breadth of opportunities provided for them." OFSTED 2017"Parents are thrilled to be part of a school community in which each child is made to feel valued and important‟ OFSTED 2017

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Y5 Fun

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Jack, Ethan, Joe, Cameron

Bradley, Niamh, Reuben and Hattie

Jodie-Leigh, Aaron, Reece and Eildih

Neve, Ryan, Harry, Phoebe

Our Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Macbeth Workshop at Greenfield

Our Egyptian Celebration

Our new science topic is Can You Feel the Force and we've been carrying out some investigations into friction and gravity.

We had a visit from an Egyptian pharaoh who taught us all about pyramids and Egyptian booby traps.

Panto Time

We carried out an investigation to find out which nappy was the best value for money.

We had a visit from Jet and Ben as part of the Police Junior Education Programme.

We had a visit from Jet and Ben as part of the Police Junior Ed Programme.

In the autumn term we were asking questions about WORLD WAR II - we started with a  WOW visit from First Kompanie who told us all about the war and brought lots of exciting things for us to explore.